Lime Plastering Projects

A selection of the work we have done on behalf of our customers , showing the range of our services.
If you require specific examples of types of work, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fire Place Restoration

Plaster fireplace and lounge walls using horsehair lime putty and a fine lime plaster.

Interior lime Pointing

Plaster panels using Hemp lime, re lath and Lime plaster finish.

Fireplace & Brickwork repair

Damaged brick work on pillars and fireplace by sandblasting Repair rounded corners of brickwork in fine detail and Limewash


Take off some lime plaster, but mainly cement plaster that had gone rock-hard and blown very heavy on such a delicate cob fireplace. Re-plaster in hemp mesh the legs of fireplace, make good and use buxton lime putty plaster for a lovely smooth finish

Lime Putty Horsehair & lime plaster Repair

Beautiful farmhouse fireplace. Plaster in a course and fine sand using lime putty horsehair and a fine lime plaster, cork walls in lounge using Hemp lime putty and lime plaster.

Remove masonary paint and repoint in lime

Take off masonry paint using needle gun Backfill using a course lime mortar and repoint in a Lime putty mortar . Fit facia board and render float finish head of window.

Barn Restoration