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What a find.
We had internal water damage to a high ceiling in a grade 2 listed property.
The important thing to us is preservation and the maintaining of the history within the building.
With a bit of research Johns name came up, I made contact he met on site and from the word go there was something special about John, his knowledge and enthusiasm was infectious.
He has done an outstanding job for us in a clean and timely fashion and I have no hesitation in recommending John for any historical works.
We will defiantly be using his services again.
Steve Firmstone - 2021

Steve Firmstone - 2021

We have been renovating a 16th century farm house for 6 years and needed a master lime plasterer to encase all the preparation work we had done. I asked around the renovation circuit of architects and builders for the best in Somerset and John’s name kept popping up! John spent 6 months line plastering the complete interior of our home. We are absolutely delighted with the result. His skills and attention to detail are second to none. He offered us excellent advice, was reliable as a metronome, extremely tidy and fastidious, and was a delight to have about the property. Most important of all was that he has a sensitive eye for what’s appropriate - shaping the surfaces to sympathetically sit in the building. I am a perfectionist and overly attached to the project and John managed to exceed my expectations. Thank you John !

Bruce Hodgson - 2021

Needed to find a lime plasterer to do carry out work in our farmhouse.
We had several come and look, but we were not overly impressed.
By chance a friend of mine who knew I was looking for a plasterer rang me and said he had just driven past a sign that said Limerestore but didn’t catch the number.
I looked it up and rang the number.
A chap answered the phone and I explained what I needed looking at, and to my surprise he said that he would come to see me the following day(Saturday).
From the minute John came in we clicked.
He looked at the jobs that we needed doing and for the first time since we moved to the property the wife and I felt reassured that the work was could to be done and put back as it was when it was built in 1852.
John is very knowledgeable and professional.
He does the job right and how it should be done .
He provided an excellent service , really reliable.
He is a great guy and does high quality work.
I highly recommended him to everyone

Karl Robinson - 2020